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The Point Of It All

Sometimes, I feel overwhelmed with the responsibility of protecting him from all that is bad in the world. Knowing that I wont always be able to is the hardest thing of all to accept. It makes me feel powerless. I want … Continue reading

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I Never Thought I’d See The Day

I have mentioned in a previous post, my son’s utter dislike for having his hair cut, which has caused many a stressful and embarrassing trip to the Barber’s shop for all invloved. Last time I took J for a haircut, … Continue reading

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A Treasure Hunt

Cold but very sunny, said yesterday’s weather forecast. A perfect start to the half term week, and the perfect day for a treasure hunt. Auntie H wanted to go geocaching, and J and I needed to collect some autumn-y things for our half … Continue reading

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In Love With A Red Bike

He’s totally in love with his red birthday bike. He rides it everywhere, and yesterday showed it to his friends at the park, who all loved it too. Im pleased that I managed to get it for him. I visited … Continue reading

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The fourth anniversary of your birth and of my birth as a mother. On that day back in 2006, the whole world changed. Where did the time go? Four. It seems unreal but it is true, and I am so … Continue reading

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My Biggest Guilt

The thing I feel the most guilty about as a mother is that my son has no siblings. Im just not in a position to have more, although I think it would be perfect if I was. Im ready, but … Continue reading

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10 Things I Am Grateful For on 10/10/10

10/10/10 – today’s date, and I have decided to mark the occasion by remembering 10 things which I have been grateful for this weekend: 1. Finding the perfect second hand bike on Ebay for J’s upcoming birthday. 2. Finally finding … Continue reading

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