Day Zero

I have decided to take part in the Day Zero Challenge! Day Zero is a challenge to write a list of 101 things you would like to do within the next 1001 days (143 weeks, 2.75 years) and then complete all of those tasks within the time. I’ve started writing my list, but will add to it as I go along and update it here on this page. Each time I complete a task, I will write a blog post about my experience. I look forward to you following and commenting on my progress, this should be quite an adventure!

So here is my list so far:

1. Finish decorating the house

2. Get a passport

3. Get J a passport

4. Go to Paris

5. Get my weight down to 9 1/2 stone

6. Finish full AAT qualification up to Technician level

7. Find regular work or work experience

8. Get a new hairstyle

9. Buy a sewing machine

10. Sort paperwork and keep it in order

11. Get around to Ebaying J’s baby clothes

12. Do a bootsale to get rid of junk in the cupboard under the stairs

13. Create a “handprint” art with J

14. Write a blog post at least once a week

15. Write up all of my scraps of paper recipes into a recipe book

16. Budget at least once a month

17. Give blood

18. Buy a digital SLR camera

19. Start and complete OU T189 photography course

20. Enrol J on a regular class eg. dance, music, sport

21. Send a postcard secret to PostSecret

22. Hug a tree

23. Go zorbing

24. Make homemade Ice cream

25. Kiss in the rain

26. Get a tattoo

27. Try / do something new / different every day for a month

28. Read at least 50 books

29. Make a patchwork quilt

30. Buy a painting

31. Learn to meditate properly

32. Bike ride the full length of the wirral way

33. Bury a time capsule with J

34. Improve my posture

35. Take a boat out on a river

36. Take part in a poledancing class

37. Take part in the secret post club

38. Go on a rollercoaster

39. Influence someone to make their own day zero list

40. Pay off my loan

41. Have breakfast in bed
42. Spend a day people watching

43. Sort out my wardrobe

44. Go on a proper date with my boyfriend

45. Watch a sunset

46. Visit IKEA

47. Sort out my blogroll

48. Buy a yoga DVD and use it at least once a fortnight

49. Learn how to accurately shoot a netball

50. Bake a super epic rainbow cake

51. Vote in every election

52. Complete a colouring book

53. Make 5 things from

54. Give up something for lent

55. Go strawberry picking

56. Display J’s artwork

57. Make a teepee tent for J
58. Run a 5k

59. Learn to knit

60. Get a pet

61. Spend a day in London

62. Make an item of furniture

63. Go to Prague

64. Visit a vintage clothes shop

65. See a film in 3D

Each time I complete a task, I will strikethrough it and link to the related blog post. To see the Day Zero project website click Here.

My deadline is 13th April 2013.

Here goes…


4 Responses to Day Zero

  1. Maria says:

    Great idea! though what on earth is Zorbing? is that on this earth? Ooh what tattoo do you want? so… you’ve made homemade ice-cream hats off to you! What’s next? 😉 x

    • Its a fantastic idea isn’t it, it’s very good for getting me motivated. Zorbing is another word for sphereing, which is rolling down a hill in a massive ball Havent decided on a tattoo, I’m very fickle and it has to be something I will always love, so that’s a hard one. I have done a few more things, so look out for an update soon, and I’m thinking along the lines of a little giveaway to go with the post! Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

  2. LOVEMYBABY says:

    Fab idea!
    I often feel frustrated at never achieving all the million things I want to do in life so Day Zero may be the way forward!

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