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My Weekend: At The Fair

In September, J will start full time at the same primary school which I attended as a child. At the weekend, we went to the school summer fair, which brought back many memories for me and began many memories of … Continue reading

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An Unexpected Moment of Nostalgia

I lost it two and a half years ago. Today, I found it in an old coat pocket, buried at the bottom of a storage bag, along with a bus ticket. I changed the battery and pressed play. It picked … Continue reading

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Little Hands

These hands are learning so much so quickly. All of these things which not so long ago they couldn’t do. And I just love the way he plays with his hair when he’s tired. Posted for the gallery week 41: … Continue reading

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My Little Shining Star

He took part in his first nativity play. The reception class put on a wonderful show and the preschool children played the part of stars in the sky. The night before, he had little sleep, he wanted to “stay up aallllll night!” … Continue reading

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Drawings and First Letters

Weeks and weeks and weeks of preschool and the most he has ever come home with is a half hearted scribble while other children emerge with drawings and paintings and colourful creations. He’s not too keen on sitting still and … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday In Black And White

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In Love With A Red Bike

He’s totally in love with his red birthday bike. He rides it everywhere, and yesterday showed it to his friends at the park, who all loved it too. Im pleased that I managed to get it for him. I visited … Continue reading

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