The fourth anniversary of your birth and of my birth as a mother. On that day back in 2006, the whole world changed. Where did the time go? Four. It seems unreal but it is true, and I am so proud. What a truly wonderful four years it has been for the both of us. Happy Birthday.

3 days of celebrations. A trip to the Liverpool World Museum, which was celebrating its birthday too. We marvelled at the starry sky in the planetarium. We dressed up as Anglo-Saxons and laughed at how silly we looked in cloaks. We learned names of many new animals and spent ages watching fascinating ants. We chose dinosaur masks in the museum shop for the party bags the next day.

And the party was just fantastic. Everyone made their own party hat, we had two pass the parcels, which created so much laughter. J hasnt had new toys for a while and was thrilled to receive so many all at once.

His face is bright orange because he wanted his facepainted and chose a tiger, but decided against it half way through, so he is a tiger with no stripes. As he blew out the candles on his cake, I felt so lucky to be his mother, and so glad he was enjoying having friends round to celebrate his big day. The joy on his face the whole time made everything worth it.

Four. A celebration. And what a day was had by all. A week of planning. 4 hours of crafts and food and presents and cake and games and friends and ice cream sundaes and laughter and fun. 3 hours and 3 bags of rubbish to clean up and its all back to normal. Well, almost. Ive kept the balloons up for a while. They were just too good to take down.

He rode his new bike to preschool today and loved it. This afternoon, we will wrap up warm and take a trip to the best park ever and who knows, maybe soon, the stabilisers will come off and we will have another milestone.

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