10 Things I Am Grateful For on 10/10/10

10/10/10 – today’s date, and I have decided to mark the occasion by remembering 10 things which I have been grateful for this weekend:

1. Finding the perfect second hand bike on Ebay for J’s upcoming birthday.
2. Finally finding the time to clear my kitchen table. I now have somewhere to use my sewing machine and can start on some handmade christmas presents
3. A warm but windy Saturday afternoon – perfect kite flying weather
4. Being lucky enough to have the best park ever just a 10 minute walk away

5. A nice energetic run to make me feel refreshed
6. Having such nice landladies, who look after us well
7. A lovely evening chat on the phone with my boyfriend
8. Having had the good sense to keep my old camera as a backup instead of selling it
9. The offer of babysitting from my sister so I could go to netball practice
10. That my life turned out so well against all the odds, and just to be happy – for that, I am the most grateful of all.

What have you been grateful for this weekend?

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