A Date with the City

A few days ago, I took the train through the tunnel to run a couple of errands in Liverpool. When I was finished, I went to take the train back home again, but as I was on my way to the station, I decided on a change of plan. At home there waited for me a long list of to-dos and here I was in the city where there are so many more fun things to do. So instead, I made the most of it and spent the whole afternoon there, by myself.

I went into a restaurant and asked for a table for one. I read the Metro whilst I waited for my food to arrive. It felt strange, the couples and groups dining around me whilst I sat there on my own. But it was also so very relaxing, just me and my thoughts and my plate of (delicious!) food.

I walked to the Liverpool Museum next. Since it opened not long ago, I had only visited once, on this weekend. But then, it was understandably very crowded and I had a child with me, which didn’t leave much opportunity for the leisurely wandering which I like to do in museums. Now by myself, I could walk around at my own leisure, stopping a while at something I found particularly interesting, no-one to answer to about what I wanted to see next. I looked at the skulls of cavemen, trains, photographs and football shirts and then came to the exhibit I was most excited about being here for, Liverpool Doors:

A collection of doors donated from Liverpool buildings, painted and inscribed by artists and poets, mainly Roger McGough.

Some made me feel sad;

Some made me think, and smile;

And some made me laugh out loud (sorry elderly lady in the blue skirt standing behind me)

I bought myself a little something from the gift shop, a book of retro recipes, complete with pictures of women cooking up dinner for their families in high heels, pretty dresses and pearls, whilst their husbands and children sat at the dinner table, Daddy no doubt regaling his family with a funny tale of what happened at the office that day and little Nancy telling her parents about the skipping game she and Susan played at lunchtime. Very Mad Men, no?

Albert Dock (photo)

Clutching my new purchase, I set off for the Albert dock where I bought myself a bag of flavoured fudge from the wonderful sweet shop there and walked around the dock whilst eating it. I fancied myself as Carrie Bradshaw in Season 5 of Sex and the City (she becomes single and decides to take herself on a date with New York City, going to movies and museums alone). Only of course, my shoe collection is significantly smaller and my home much less trendy.

It began to rain and I was grateful I was dressed for the weather, unlike Carrie with her little heels and short skirt blowing up around her waist. As I headed home, I saw two small children, wellie clad, jumping in the puddles outside the White Star Line building and I remembered what was waiting for me at home, across the water. I was glad to be me and not Carrie. You can take your designer shoe collection and trendy zip code, it can’t compete with my little boy.

And so I headed home from my afternoon Date With The City, with a lighter heart and a bigger smile. Thank you Liverpool, for a lovely afternoon. We should definately do it again sometime.

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