Hello this is for you

My five year old comes out of school with interesting things some days.

“Whats this?”
“Its a note”
“Who’s it for?”
“We put it in an envelope with pennies in and tie it to a balloon with a paper aeroplane and let it go and whoever finds it can have it.”
“It would have to be a special helium balloon, we dont have one of those.”
“Lets get one from Asda’s.”
“OK but its a very long walk, it will take us an hour”
“Lets go!”

So we did, and a rather fun walk it turned out to be. If you find a pink “its a girl” balloon with a “Hello this is for you” note attached to it in your garden, its from us. You’re welcome.

P.S The pennies were too heavy. So was the envelope. And the paper aeroplane, which was sad. We let it go from the back door. It blew over the house and we rushed around to the front door to see it but it had already disappeared. I hope it went somewhere exciting.

I’m off somewhere exciting, too. Belgium for four days with my sister. J is having a 3 night sleepover at his Granny’s house. He couldn’t be more thrilled. I will be back with photos and stories.

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