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Silent Sunday – Spiderwebs

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The Long And The Short Of It (Day Zero)

I used to have very long hair. Hair so long, thick and blonde, I heard shouts of “Rapunzel” in the street and when I put it up in a bun, I felt my head may fall off with the weight of … Continue reading

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Starting Right – Snap Crackle & Blog

Today, I learned that: The cornflake was invented by accident. Breakfast cereal is the number one source of iron for kids. The Kelloggs cockerel has a name: Cornelius. Having my face printed on the front of a box of cornflakes … Continue reading

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Am I doing it right?

There is an NHS advertisement poster which I see whenever I ride a local bus. A photograph of a new mother clutching her tiny, newborn baby, and the caption “Am I doing it right?”. Everythime I see this, I think to … Continue reading

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Little Hands

These hands are learning so much so quickly. All of these things which not so long ago they couldn’t do. And I just love the way he plays with his hair when he’s tired. Posted for the gallery week 41: … Continue reading

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A Tent For My Boy

I remember frequently sitting in trigonometry classes as a teenager and wondering what the point of it was. This Christmas, I discovered a reason for it all: Cutting fabric triangles to create a teepee tent for my boy. There was … Continue reading

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Hello 2011

He’s too young to stay up until midnight to see the new year in, but I held his hand as he drifted off to sleep, and wished for a good year ahead for the both of us. Plans for a … Continue reading

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