I Never Thought I’d See The Day

I have mentioned in a previous post, my son’s utter dislike for having his hair cut, which has caused many a stressful and embarrassing trip to the Barber’s shop for all invloved. Last time I took J for a haircut, he screamed and wriggled for 20 minutes and came out with very short and badly cut hair. He was distraught, as his comfort has always been playing with his fringe, and he now had none. He cried hundreds of tears.

After such a distressing experience, I toyed with the idea of letting his hair grow, but as it had been cut so badly due to the wriggling and screaming, it was more noticeably unruly and messy the longer it got, with random tufts sticking out at funny angles. I attempted to neaten it up one night as he slept, which bought us a couple more weeks, but eventually I had to give in. It was becoming embarrassing, and he had not long started school, where I noticed every other little boy had a well sculpted head of hair. He looked out of place and scruffy in comparison.

So it was that one day recently, I decided we could put it off no longer. I explained to him where we were going, the consequences he would face if he wriggled and screamed (clippers used to cut it very short again, and the loss of his beloved fringe) and also the rewards of being well behaved throughout (scissors used – no tickling – to keep fairly long, and a lollipop on the way home). As on previous trips, he was well behaved on the way, well behaved whilst waiting, and very well behaved and chatty whilst approaching the chair. I held my breath. This is where it all goes wrong and he turns into a monster. I braced myself. The Barber Girl seemed fun and encouraging, but I could tell she was apprehensive, perhaps remembering the horrors of our last trip. He climbed onto the chair and let her put on the big black “cape”. He flinched as the scissors and comb came out. She sprayed his hair with a mist of water, and I thought he was about to flip into tantrum mode, but then he laughed out loud “it’s like rain!” he exclaimed, and from then on, he sat beautifully as I watched his messy mop transform into a smart and neat head of hair. He flinched a few times and became a little fidgety towards the end, but he did me proud.

He chatted on the way home inbetween sucks of his lollipop about how much he enjoyed it, and a weight lifted from my shoulders. I never thought I’d see the day, so soon and unexpected.

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4 Responses to I Never Thought I’d See The Day

  1. Sugarplum Kawaii says:

    Ah yes…the dreaded hair cut adventure!
    My 3 differ. My eldest is obsessed with her Barnet. Won’t leave for school without it looking perfect. The middle one looks like she’s been dragged through a hedge most days…however….i have to put curlers in her hair for dance comps. and then she looks like Shirley Temple!
    My youngest ( a boy) had a skin-head for a few years but the family said he looked too hard…the shorter the hair the tougher the kid?!
    It’s grown and now and i’m told he looks sweeter….and seems to be a little calmer too!

  2. Debbie says:

    My son ( now 6) is another that hates a haircut. The only time he really enjoyed it is when he came to the salon with me & my daughter & I paid £20 for him to have a full wash & cut alongside us. He had the full attention of 3 giggling salon girls & loved every minute. But most times I hold him down at home & do it with the clippers on No. 5. he wears his swimming goggles so the hair doesn’t go in his eyes & that helps.

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