In Love With A Red Bike

He’s totally in love with his red birthday bike. He rides it everywhere, and yesterday showed it to his friends at the park, who all loved it too. Im pleased that I managed to get it for him. I visited Halfords with my mum a few weeks before his birthday and was so upset that I couldnt afford the prices. I’d been looking online for a second hand one for months but couldnt find any the right size for him. At what felt like the last possible moment, I found one, and the very kind seller offered to deliver it too! I hid it in the cupboard under the stairs where, miraculously, it wasnt found and I was able to present it to him at his birthday party. Here he is, at Grannys house, riding it before bedtime. I love watching him almost as much as he loves being on it.

He’s mastered the brakes and is starting to be braver on the hills. He still needs a little push up the big ones, bless him, but goes down them at great speeds. And that bell, he’s amazed by it. I guess it makes him feel important, and who wouldn’t, on a red “big boy’s” bike with lightening on the sides?

He loves that red coat too. When I received my voucher for participating in this competition, I took him to buy new clothes with it. He begged me for the coat, and he wears it everywhere. Life is good when you’re wearing your new red coat, riding your new red birthday bike.

This post was written in response to The Gallery Week 32 prompt: The Colour Red.

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2 Responses to In Love With A Red Bike

  1. savvymum4 says:

    AWW what a lovely post and I think its sweet he loves his bike so much , well done you for finding it xxx

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