A Dream

Well, I didnt win, but I’m glad I didn’t. Because the girl who did deserved it a whole lot more. I’ve never been paticularly competitive, and I’m grateful for that. It enables me to enjoy my experiences without the worry that I may not be the best. And enjoy it I damn well did. The clothes, the pampering, the wonderful group of girls, the cheers, the elation, the pride in myself, the free champagne at the after party. I am so glad I was lucky enough to experience it all. I would love to do it again sometime, and although I didnt win anything, I did get a 40% off voucher for Peacocks, the store whose clothes I modelled. J is in need of new clothes, he is almost four and is growing fast, so that really has come at the right time. I awoke the next morning not sure if it was all a dream, it definately felt like it and I guess in a way it was. A dream come true.

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2 Responses to A Dream

  1. Beckicklesie says:

    That’s fab! Congrats on the 40% discount anyway! Go you! x

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