My Weekend: At The Fair

In September, J will start full time at the same primary school which I attended as a child. At the weekend, we went to the school summer fair, which brought back many memories for me and began many memories of years to come for my boy.

First stop, wine of course. Then two goes on the bouncy castle for my boy, which involved busting some seriously cool dance moves. I then visited some of my old classrooms, and marvelled at how everything shrinks significantly when you become an adult.

After burgers and lots of cake, we discovered our friend Randolph the Iguana, who we see on a regular basis in the local pet shop, had also come to the fair and were able to stroke him for the first time. My boy then didn’t bat an eye as he had a huge snake draped across his shouders, in fact he enjoyed it immensely.

The trip came to the perfect end when, for the first time in his four and a half years, my boy had his face painted. I didnt even need to coax him. It made for some very amusing photographs I think you will agree, and he was very pleased with the result. Another wonderful moment on this journey of mothering.

For The Gallery prompt: My Weekend. Photographs courtesy of my lovely mother and her amazing camera of which I am very jealous.

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