Silent Sunday – 26/6/11

Silent Sunday

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7 Responses to Silent Sunday – 26/6/11

  1. Jenny paulin says:

    Hee hee there’s a flas from my youth! Twister! Great position he is in

  2. Yep – that is the CORRECT way to play Twister… 😀

  3. Becky says:

    must dig out my game!

  4. Haha he is enjoying that anyway!! Fab piccie xx

  5. HELEN JESSUP says:

    love Twister! and I love the way his sock completes that blue circle!

  6. awww bless him!!! great wee capture of the moment =)

  7. mumsarcade says:

    Great face and Twister is timeless. My mum would not let me have it as she saw it as very dangerous but she had some funny ideas. My try is at

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