In a funk

Sometimes, I lose myself.

I lose passion, I lose hope. I lose my way.

Usually, the grass is the same amount of green on both sides of the fence, its just a different type of grass. But sometimes, I look up and without warning it suddenly seems so much greener on the other side. I know its just a trick of the mind, because my head isn’t in the right place. I’ve been spending too much time looking back into the past and everything which came before, when I should be looking towards everything which is to come.

I forget my purpose, I forget my priorities, I forget the point of it all.

I go to a dark place and I find myself there. I stumble through that dark place while I rediscover all that is good in my life.  And slowly, I bring myself back again, back to the present, facing the right direction – forward, to what comes next. It takes some convincing but when I am out again and in the right place in my mind, I wonder how I let myself get lost like that.

It takes courage to go into a dark place but still have the strength to bring myself back instead of being swallowed by it. It never takes too long to find myself again, and for that I am grateful.

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2 Responses to In a funk

  1. Good for you – hope you have a lovely Xmas xx

  2. laura emily says:

    it does certainly take a lot of courage to travel there and back!
    i’m glad you’ve found your ground again.

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