Sons know best.

I dropped J of to sleep over at his Granny’s house before my evening shift today:

“I dont want you to go to work, why do you have to go to work now?”

“Because thats when they need me to work sometimes.”

“But its getting dark outside, why arent you going to go to bed like me?”

“I wish I could go to bed like you!”

“You should pretend you’re sick and then you can not go to work and rest in bed instead.”

“That would be nice, but its a bit naughty, what if they found out I was lying?”

“Dont worry, I will tell them you really were sick.”

“But then its even naughtier because we would both be lying, Id better just go to work do you think?”


I was thinking about this conversation at 9.45pm as I stood in the freezing cold waiting for the (very late) bus home.

I was thinking what a great idea staying in bed would have been.

I wondered why I didn’t take my five year old’s advice.

Listen to your Mum, Mums always know best. Sons know a good thing or two, too.


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