Christmas List

For anyone not accustomed to a five year old’s handwriting and/or spelling (helped him out a bit on that one but its always interesting to see how he spells words himself) my son’s christmas wish list is decoded here:

Double Scooter
Ninja Costume
DS and Games
Ben 10 Car

(sssh! I may have given him the idea for the Ben 10 Car because I’ve already got one for him, and also gently reminded him of the toys which he saw in the toyshop last week, but only the ones which I went back to buy.)

I told myself I wouldnt buy anything till last minute, so I that only get what I need and don’t spend too much, but with my sister in the US and my brother on deployment with the Navy, I went to get their presents early and ended up buying pretty much everything else at the same time. Wrapping has even begun – usually at this point I’ve barely thought about Christmas, I dont know whats come over me.

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5 Responses to Christmas List

  1. Expat Mammy says:

    ah too cute.x

  2. HannaH says:

    his handwriting is getting so good! it’s amazing! I didn’t realise he could write anything other than his name!

    You’re no getting a present til I get back ๐Ÿ˜› cba…

    Although you are the *only* person I’m getting one for. Feel priviledged :p


  3. laura emily says:

    oh! a ninja costume!! I was thinking, “what superhero is called NLJ?” I thought I was getting rusty on my childhood comic memories. His handwriting, however, is precious!

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