NaBloPoMo – How did it go?

I think I did pretty well. Going from an average of three posts a week and sometimes only just scraping one a week, to writing one a day, was bloody hard. Didnt really help that it also happened to coincide with starting a job, but Im so glad I did it. Well, I missed out three days – It took the fun out of blogging when I felt I was forcing myself to write rather than writing because I wanted to. Finding something to write about every day was difficult at times, I found myself thinking about my blog and my writing a lot more every day, and it was nice, to get into it more, for it to be more a part of my day to day life.

So, yes its been good. Not a total success, I missed out those three days but I also realised that I can blog more, and its not as difficult as I would have originally thought. I even managed two posts a day on occasion! I dont think I will do it again, it was very stressful, time wise, like an extra thing on the to do list, niggling away at me in my head. But I will definately make the effort to blog more, and be more a part of the blogging community. So its been good, Im glad I decided to take part. And I hope you have enjoyed reading over the past month!

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