Leaps and Bounds

Thats me playing netball and thats him, my boy, cheering me on.

I love these little surprises he comes home from school with. He “wrote” me a shopping list last week, and draws a lot of pictures of his teddies. Bless him.

I went to a coffee morning at his school today. Its great that the teachers make such efforts to keep good links between school and home, and keep parents informed and involved. If it wasn’t for things like this, I’d barely know know a thing about what he gets up to betwen 8.50 and 3.20, his answer to “what did you do today” is one of three: “I played”, “Nothing” or “I can’t remember.” Not very informative.

So today, I secretly watched him do PE, had a look at his work and learned that he’s not actually a shepherd in the Nativity, but the narrator! Wow. Lots of lines to learn. And I had some lovely chats with other Mums. It’s nice to know how he’s doing and its nice to feel more involved in his learning journey. Leaps and bounds, such great leaps and bounds.

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