Free Fun: Winter in the Park

Free fun: A new shall-we-call-it-a-series? A theme of many posts to come. We have a lot of free fun around here. Largely a necessity due to a lack of funds, but I’ve also found that its quite often the best kind of fun to be had, the free kind. I get a bit of a buzz when the day ends and I realise how much we have done and how much we have enjoyed it without needing to spend a penny. Free fun is all about resisting common ways of occupying children which are often expensive, and being creative in finding things to do.

Today, we went to the park after school. We’re having building work done on the house and needed to get out. So we braved the cold, wrapped up as warm as we could and went around the corner to have some fun.

In winter, the local park isn’t always thought of as the best place to take your children. It was cold, and it got dark quick. It even threatened to rain at one point. But we barely noticed. We were having too much fun climbing, sliding, running, balancing, making ourselves dizzy and playing army which involves a lot of crawling, hiding and shooting imaginary baddies.

I brought a book but didn’t even open it, he brought his bike but it was forgotten about. We were having too much of a good time. When it did get too dark, we went home and had fish and chips and hot chocolate for tea.

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