They gave their today for our tomorrow

Today, I thought of the remembrance parades I took part in as a teenage sea cadet, and wished I wasn’t working so that I could be there again. Seeing a whole supermarket come to a standstill for a minute of respect made up for it, but next year I will go, and take my son with me.

I thought of my brother, on a six month deployment with the navy, protecting british waters. How much I miss him, but also how proud I am of him for the work he does.

I thought of how exhausted I was after digging in the garden yesterday, and how it was nothing compared to digging your own trench to live in, and fight in, and possibly die in.

I thought of the haunting lines of war time poetry which captivated me as a teenager and which have stayed close to my heart ever since.

I thought of our people who continue to fight for our country and give so much of themselves to keep us free.

I thought of the rush of modern life and how easy it is to forget how we all came to be here and the people we have to thank for it. Of how we so easily complain about such insignificant things.

We give one minute to the thousands who have given us so much more.

Let us never forget them.

Thankyou. For our freedom, for our present and for our future.

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