I went into the garden to get my breakfast…

Eggs from the chickens and the last of this year’s tomatoes. Its such a pleasure to eat food I’ve produced myself. The tomatoes taste so much more tomato-ier, and sweeter. The eggs, they dont taste much different but its nice knowing that the chickens they came from are just outside, happy and content pottering about the garden. Look, there they are, eating the remains of last night’s pizza. Havent they got it good?

The tomato crop was small again this year. Once again, I repotted them too late and the tomatoes didnt appear till very late summer. I have big plans for next year. The first of the raised beds has been constructed (thanks to my Mum’s partner) and I’m hoping to grow a lot more with the proper space to do so.

Once these are finished and filled, the garlic will go in, and some winter veg. I’m just loving transforming this garden. Look at the difference six months has made…

It’s been a lot of work, but it’s so worth it. I can’t wait until spring, to start getting some colour and life into it.


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2 Responses to I went into the garden to get my breakfast…

  1. You have loads of space there to grow some fab things!!! We tried to grow a lot this year but not all of it worked haha…x

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