Little Entrepreneur

His latest invention: A family bike. For Mummy, Daddy and all the kids to pedal together. There are optional stabilisers which attach on with velcro for the really little kids and just in case it rains, it has a hood which can cover the whole thing so you wont even get a little bit wet. If there is a baby in your family, you can have a very handy seat, situated in front of Mummy’s handlebars.

The best thing about this invention is that if you are on a family bike ride and someone gets tired, they can simply stop pedalling for a bit but everyone gets to stay together.

He talks at a million miles an hour when he has an idea and always describes it in minute detail. His inventions usually have something to do with transport, like the fuel made from witches’ potions so that we don’t have to use any more petrol (made in the microwave not a cauldron, y’know, for modern times). Everything he thinks of is always made “from bits and bobs”. I keep trying to get him to draw his ideas, maybe one of these days. You never know, we may even end up making one of them.

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