Best of BritMums Blog Carnival – 8th November 2011

What a pleasure it has been to host the fortnightly BritMums carnival here on my own blog! Thankyou to everyone who has submitted a post, it has been both interesting and such fun to read through them and include them all in the carnival today. So without further ado, here they are:

Words. Millions and trillions and squillions of new ones written every day. Words are wonderful. I love to think of them all out there, waiting to be read, waiting to be enjoyed. I read a lot of them on blogs, particularly those in the Mummy Blogging community, and here are just a few of those millions of words written by you all from this past month:

We have had very honest words from Mummy From The Heart in her post about the current “mummy blagger” debate;

Words of pride from Baby Baby, about a walk she took with her boys;

Words of joy and love as Super Amazing Mum writes to her daughter on her third birthday;

Words to make your mouth water from with a delicious and simple recipe for Vanille Kipferl;

Words I’m sure many of us can identify with, in an excellent post from Imperfect Pages about the never ending battle with laundry;

Spoken words from Juggle Mum, telling us who she would like to roast for bonfire night on her vlog;

Confessional words from Nickie at Typecast, who has written about her television addiction ( how does she fit it all in?);

Simple instructional words from Red Ted Art with her guest post – a beginner’s tutorial on making beautiful necklaces;

Words to spark thoughtful debate from two bloggers, Yellow Days and  The Mum Blog who have both written about the current proposal – should women be allowed to opt for a C-section?;

An emotional rollercoaster of words from All Baby Advice, in the story of her nuchal scan;

Words, words, words: such a variety of wonderful writing waiting for you to discover. So get that kettle on, grab a slice of cake and settle down for a good read. I, myself, have definately found some new favourites.

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4 Responses to Best of BritMums Blog Carnival – 8th November 2011

  1. Kahanka says:

    Thank you for including my Nuchal Scan posts and cannot wait to check out all the other posts. Mirka @Kahanka

  2. Oh dear, another carnival I missed. Oh well, still managing to stay in with the #NaBloPoMo this month. I’ll try and hop on the next one! @lunchboxworld

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