This Tree…

I love trees. Life just wouldn’t be the same without them. Each one different, always with something to offer. A beautiful photograph, a shelter from the rain, autumn leaves to collect, the perfect spot for a tree house or a branch just low enough to climb. Much of my childhood was spent in and around trees. Now, I just tend to marvel at them and photograph them, but they always look just as enticing as they used to when I was younger.

This tree is on the field which we walk across on the way to school and it is one of the best. This morning, it looked amazing covered in frost and bathed in winter morning sunshine. (How I wish, wish, wish I had had a really good camera with me, but have had to make do with these ones, taken on the walk home.) In autumn it drops its bounty of conkers and everyday after school, we rush to be the first ones there to collect and fill our pockets with them. In winter, it is a “skeleton tree”, desolate and spooky. In spring and summer it becomes a den and a brilliant hide and seek tool for a skinny little boy. Our walks to and from school would not be the same without this tree, which, for some reason seems the best of them all on that field. Oh, the fun we have had and the games we will continue to play with it.

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2 Responses to This Tree…

  1. mummybigbum says:

    Haha it’s not just the tree that’s spooky – on my daily walk today I spent about an hour marveling at the trees and the beautiful colours. I’ve found myself doing that a lot more in the past few weeks – there really is something very special about the speed at which trees change in the autumn; and I love how they’re all at different stages so you see the whole rainbow through a single viewfinder.

    As an aside…how did you get the Tots 100 thing on your page? I signed up and it gave me the code to display…but being new to this I didn’t know how and where to display it x

    • Hi, thanks for popping in! Aren’t they so much more beautiful in autumn with all those colours.
      For the Tots100, if you put the code into a text widget it should show the badge when you view it on your blog. Hope this helps you šŸ™‚ xx

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