Sandcastles in September

I love Saturdays. The only day every week where I get to spend the whole of it with my son. Last Saturday was a particularly nice one. Summer had realised that it was leaving us soon and decided to make one last, glorious effort to give us some nice weather before winter took over. What do you do when you are presented with a wonderful indian summer? Why, to the beach of course! And not just any beach. I suggested it to my boy and he declared that it had to be Southport beach. So we took the train to Southport and made a day of it.

Fish and chips. Ice cream. Merry-go-round rides. Walks on the pier. Gifts. Splashing in the sea. Donkeys. Sandcastles. Donuts. A super day. You know its been a good one when on the way home, your little boy tells you “I’m starting to go floppy now”. Oh yes, we definately made the most of it.

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