Life Right Now

Before my son started school, I used to wish for more time. Time to make a meal from scratch, to finish a book, to style my hair and paint my nails rather than having to choose between the two. Now that I have that time, I’m wishing I had something better to do with it than make a meal from scratch and finish a book. Painting my nails and styling my hair though… that was good.

I had a job interview yesterday. I’m very out of practice, having been away from the working environment for so long, but it feels good to get back to it all. Just wearing work clothes again, I enjoyed that.

I bought a camera. Ive been wanting a DSLR for years, and finally admitted that this was not going to happen anytime soon. So I bought a film SLR instead. I wasn’t prepared for how much I would love it. A Canon AE-1, its approximately 25 years old and just wonderful. The clunk of the shutter, having to wind the film on manually… wow. Film proccessing is expensive and Im not sure I enjoy having to wait for my photographs all that much, but Im enjoying the whole process more than I thought I would.

Photo from here

Im definately struggling a little with how fast J is growing up. I look at the shelves of toys and he seems far to grown up to be playing with them all of a sudden. The switch from preschool to school has been a big one and has happened very fast. He wants Transformers, Scalextric and Nerf guns for his birthday. “You can never have enough official Nerf darts” he likes to inform me, “Its Nerf, or nothin’.” Something which I assume has been drummed into him by television adverts. Cbeebies, I miss you.

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