Big Kids, Little Kids, Shopping Trollies

When I think of my own childhood, I remember a great many things, but the moments I remember most are the happiest ones – days and days spent morning till night exploring the great outdoors with my three siblings. Truly some of the best days of my life.

At the weekend, I revisited an old haunt with my little family. A nature reserve with plenty of overgrown paths and a lake with a jetty. J played the part of little explorer very well with his back pack on and binoculars dangling around his neck.

As we walked, I reminisced. My hair was blond, my skin was tanned, I had grubby knees and legs covered with bruises and nettle stings. I remembered swinging from trees, climbing steep hills, finding new paths to explore. My days were carefree and wild. Getting lost in nature always brings those memories back.

After much exploration and many interesting treasures collected, we eventually reached the lake and sat on the jetty, taking off our shoes and socks to dip our toes into the cold water, feeding the ducks leftover scones from our bag. I felt so relaxed. A simple, wholesome afternoon out away from the rush of everyday life. Bliss.

During the walk back, on the side of the path we found an abandoned shopping trolley. With thoughts of finding something childlike to endulge in (thanks for a great challenge Josie!), I had a ride. Last time I did this, I was about twelve and I fell headfirst into a patch of nettles so I was a little nervous, but it was fantastic! Had there been anyone else around it would have been quite embarrassing but the three of us had endless fun. I am, however, a little apprehensive that my son may go to school in September and when asked what he did during his holiday, say that he rode in a shopping trolley with his Mummy…

Regardless, I am glad I did it. Not one of my best role model moments, but regaining that carefree attitude for just a few moments brought such happiness.

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4 Responses to Big Kids, Little Kids, Shopping Trollies

  1. A shopping trolley ride! What a brilliant idea!! I bet your son will remember this as a highlight of HIS childhood! I am off grocery shopping now, tempted to give it a go… 😉

  2. How cool is that. I can’t believe I am admitting this but I have never ridden in a shopping trolley. Feel inspired!

  3. haha sounds like so much fun! Glad u had a good time 🙂

  4. HannaH says:

    good times 🙂

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