Teacher Gifts

J finished preschool this week. It was happy and sad all at once, seeing how much he has grown in so many ways over less than a year, but having to leave behind the wonderful teachers who have helped him develop and blossom.

For teacher gifts I wanted to give something which was a little more personal and which he could be more involved in than simply buying something and wrapping it. For a while, I searched for ideas for something suitable, simple and thoughtful which could be handmade by the both of us. Together, we settled on cookies and this is what was proudly presented by him to his teachers on that last day:

Tubs from the corner shop, originally containing candy floss. Decorations by J and his friend with the help of me and my friend. Candyfloss consumed by all of us.

Lined with tissue paper and filled with white chocolate cookies.

Very delicious white chocolate cookies made using this recipe, a favourite of mine. Thankyou Lucy!

Excitedly carried to school by my four year old and proudly handed to teachers with thankyou cards. Smiles all round.

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