Whats Cooking? – Home Made Pizza

What better time to spend with my boy than an afternoon in the kitchen making pizza for tea? Technically these are not completely homemade, we did cheat a little by using a pizza base mix, but this still enabled us to have the fun of kneading and rolling dough with significantly less mess so although I am a bit of a cheat, I think its a lot better this way.

My boy absolutely loves using a rolling pin and had so much fun doing this. He wasnt too keen on the kneading, which was possibly a bit laborious for him but as soon as the rolling pin was out, he was away, rolling with much vigour, and was very disappointed when the time came to let the poor dough have a rest.

After the dough is ready, its simply a matter of applying chosen toppings. He chose tuna and I suggested sweetcorn too, which he seemed to think was a brilliant idea, so we had a tuna and sweetcorn pizza between us. The man eats a lot, so naturally needs a whole other pizza to himself, with pepperoni of course. Lots of pepperoni.

After sprinkling cheese on top (not forgetting extra, extra, extra cheese for the man), they are ready for the oven. Very simple to make, lots of fun and much more delicious than shop bought pizza. All gobbled up. Well, J didnt really gobble. He doesnt much like cheese so he did a lot of picking at it before eating a tuna and sweetcorn sandwich instead. Kids, eh?

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3 Responses to Whats Cooking? – Home Made Pizza

  1. J is soo cute!! Lovely to meet u 2day and I’ll come round to yours for pizza anytime lol 😉 xx

  2. lovely to meet you too, it was a great day xx

  3. HannaH says:

    pizza dough is so hard to get right anyway! I’ve never used ready made, and my pizzas alays turn out rubbish!

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