Keeping Pet Chickens – The Best Thing Ever

A very exciting thing about this house move has been that now with a nicer landlord and a bigger outside space, I can finally have my own pet chickens. And they are amazing!

This is Ginger. Named by my boy after his favourite cuddly dog, recently lost over a garden wall. She is the eldest, almost ready to start laying. Shes the more friendly, sensible and approachable of the two. She allows me to cuddle her for longer and has the most gorgeous, soft brown feathers.

This is Henrietta. She is younger, more mischievous and adventurous. Much like any other teenager, she doesnt like being picked up for cuddles and is prone to running away. She has a lot more white on her and I think of her as the pretty, feisty one, who likes to test the boundaries while Ginger is the plain, smart and sensible one.

The chickens and their coop were a present from my Mum and they are very cheap and easy to keep. We are expecting them to lay an egg each every day in the summer and so as well as being wonderful, interesting pets, they will both reduce our food waste and save us money on our grocery bills by providing us with a good supply of free range eggs.

J is always asking after them. Can we go and see them? Can we let them out? Can we feed them please? After watching Hansel and Gretel he thought it a good idea to entice them back into their coop with a trail of treats – grapes and cucumber. It worked, too, and was lovely to watch.

They eat just about anything. We very rarely throw away any food waste now, it gets chopped up and thrown into the coop and is gone in no time. Their main diet is Layers Pellets, which helps them to produce the best eggs and as a treat every now and then, a small handful of dried mealworms. Yummy! They can pretty much be left alone to do their own thing, they have plenty of space in their coop but prefer to sleep in the same little corner together. Letting them out to have a wander around the garden is fun, but I keep a close eye on them after discovering one pecking at my courgette seedlings.

And, well, they havent laid any eggs yet, so according to the man, they’re “pretty useless at the moment” but they’re not just egg making machines, they are wonderful creatures and very good pets.

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2 Responses to Keeping Pet Chickens – The Best Thing Ever

  1. I used to have chickens – your post has reminded me how much I loved them.
    Good to meet you at blogcamp yesterday x

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