Meet: Mischief aka Little Miss Fatty Cat

She’s just adorable, dont you agree?

She belongs my man, I’ve known her for three years. So she’s not actually a new cat, quite old in fact. Sixteen years old and ageing very well. But we spend a lot of time together now, around the house. She likes to eat, sleep and potter about the garden. So, much like any cat really. But she’s also quite the character. If she gets annoyed, she will sulk, sitting in front of you with her back turned. She woke the man up in the morning recently by licking his nose. And here she is, meeting the chickens for the first time. An amusing moment. (Yes, we have chickens! More about them soon).

J is very good with animals and he loves having her around. He thought it was a good idea to cuddle up with her, along with all of his soft toys. This didnt end well, they werent friends for a bit. But all is well now. He likes to listen to her purr as he strokes her. Adorable.

I love her. Mischief. Missy. A big, grey, fluffy, sleepy ball of gorgeousness. I do apologise for occasionally kicking her in my sleep.

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2 Responses to Meet: Mischief aka Little Miss Fatty Cat

  1. She is beautiful, such a lovely colour! We have 3 cats, & 2 of them are usually on the bed at night, I’m sure we must kick them a lot lol.. 😉 Be interested to know more about her & your chickens as we want to keep chickens in the future but were worried about the cats!

  2. Haha, poor things. She used to sleep under the covers! She gets on fine with the chickens, they pretty much leave each other alone and they are in the chicken coop for much of the time. Your cats should be fine with them, its foxes you have to worry about!

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