A Good Move

New house. New man of the house. New routine. New cat. Good changes.

Moving in with my man was a big decision, one which I took a lot of time to think about. Decisions which I make for myself, for my life, are a lot more complicated when I have my child to think about too, but I definately made the right choice. In the beginning, we all had a tough time figuring it out. We still are a little, but I have been pleasently surprised by how well we have taken to these changes, how well we all fit, how well we have become family, living our lives together in one house.

Im not a single mum any more. Im finding that a little difficult in some ways. It was a way of life, it was a part of my identity and I have focused so much on the good things about it that I’m finding changing my mindset is taking some time. Im enjoying my little bit of freedom, being able to put my little man to bed and then pop round to see my sister, or going out to netball practice for an hour without having to get a babysitter for the evening. The little things.

I have enjoyed the years of just the two of us, but am welcoming with open arms these changes. I used to have a poster on my lounge wall, a compilation of photographs from our days out together. It was there as a reminder of how much I have enjoyed my role as a mother so far, but one day I stopped to look up at it and suddenly thought just how lonely it has been, doing it on my own. I will put it up in our new house, hoping that the wonderful days in and out of just my son and I wont come to an end, but very much enjoying the addition of some very good adult company into my daily home life. And they get on so well together, my man and my boy.

Ive been a lot happier these past few weeks, more relaxed. This home is familiar, very similar to the house I grew up in. Its in a lovely area with fantastic play spaces right outside our front door and we have our own garden, something I have wished for for a long time. Ive spent time decorating it and its almost finished. I love being here, in this house, spending quality time with my boy, awaiting the return of my man from his day at work. I feel like I’m finally home.

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4 Responses to A Good Move

  1. TheMadHouse says:

    I am so pleased that you have found a happy home

  2. Glad to hear things are going well for you.. Can we have a pic of the new kitty lol.. ?! x

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