Plant To Plate (The Tale of the Little Pepper)

I love growing my own fruit and veg. Caring for a little seedling, nurturing a plant, watching the fruit slowly form, knowing where my food is coming from and tasting something straight out of the garden. Its just fantastic. Last years crop was a small one, with only a few pots in our backyard available for growing space. Next month, I hope to start growing much, much more, because by then we will have a proper garden. Yippee.

Last years half hearted attempts yeilded small crops. A few small tomatoes, bunches of lettuce and handfuls of potatoes. Some redcurrants and a couple of spring onions. Without the space, my heart wasnt in it as much as it could have been.

I grew fifteen pepper plants, but never got a pepper. Until a dormant seed decided to grow late in a fogotten-about pot of compost on the kitchen windowsill. Up it popped and I had no idea what it was until it got bigger. All through the winter it battled on, growing ever so slowly, until warmer weather came around and a tiny green pepper appeared. Still I left it to its own devices, watering it every now and then. Very slowly the little pepper grew and turned red and ripe and there it hung on the plant. I liked looking at it, this surprise yield, determined to grow.

But of course it eventually had to be eaten.

And it was absolutely delicious. Peppers are definately on the growing list for this year.

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