Just TOO Cute!

I’ve been rather neglecting my little space here the past week. Theres a lot going on right now, including a very exciting house move and thoughts of a new career. I will be back shortly but for now, I leave you with a few snippets of recent conversations with my boy:

“When my heart pumps up and gets bigger and bigger and BIGGER and BIGGEST and pops, thats when I love someone.”

“My brain wanted fresh air because it was hot and sticky, so it went for a walk down to my toes.”

“Mummy mummy, that man in that van just seeeed me with his lookin’ eyes!”

“Look its a shooting star! I wish I could skateboard over everything!”

“I’m asking why because I always need someone to tell me or I won’t know things.”

I love our chats and the insights into his world, his mind and his ever growing intelligence.

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4 Responses to Just TOO Cute!

  1. Fab fab fab … !!
    It’s those moments that makes us realise we’re doing something right … innit! 🙂

  2. Oh and best of luck with your packing et al … I loathe and detest moving. Have done it tooooo many times and still never learn. I’m the queen of hoard. I sympathise greatly with your current lot, but hope it will be worth the stress once you’re in your new home. Mind your back!!! (serious comment!).

    • I, too, am a hoarder it seems, in two years the volume of my posessions seems to have doubled. There is a great “stuff cull” going on here, it all comes with moving to bigger places each time, I suppose! xxx

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