When In A Cafe

Eating out is always fun for kids, I like it because it means I get a chance to sit and chat with my son while we wait for our food, rather than doing all the work in the kitchen while he waits, or watches. But eating out in public with kids sometimes goes wrong, they’re not the most patient beings and have a tendancy to throw hissy fits at the most awkward moments. I am often annoyed by other people’s children playing up while I am trying to eat, and keeping my own child under control in public isnt always easy.

Yesterday, during an afternoon on the seafront with a friend, we stopped at a lovely seaside cafe and had to keep two four year olds occupied whilst ordering and waiting for food. They tried playing “Who can make the most noise with their feet on the wooden benches” and “Lets call each other names which include the word “bum”. Not the best activities for public places with groups of elderly people eating lunch, so we made up some new ones: “Name everything pictured on the menu”, “Who can stir their drink the fastest and make the most bubbles” and a particular favourite “Line up the condiments in size order and see which is tallest”.

Tomato Ketchup, in case you were wondering.

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3 Responses to When In A Cafe

  1. This made me smile 🙂 < see?!

    I might play that game with my son at the weekend (the one with the word 'bum' in it) right before he goes to grandma's 😉

  2. Haha, Grandma’s going to have some fun!

  3. hehe L’s ‘in’ word of the moment is ‘poops’ (german child’s expression for a ‘fart’!) . Every sentence includes it and he has discovered the ability to conjugate it to incorporate any and every grammatical form … I poops, you poops … It’s very poopsey, This thing is poopsed Mami, we’ll have to throw it away … etc. I sympathise greatly and admire your creativity for distraction!! Excellent games, well done you 🙂

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