How The Boy Who Would Never Dress Up, Dressed Up

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I realised that J’s preschool would be celebrating World Book Day three days before it was to happen, with the children invited to dress up as their favourite story character for the morning. I had two days to get him a costume. 

He’s not big on dress up, face paints and the like, so the only dress up we have in the house is a barely used pirate costume. “You can be Captain Hook from Peter Pan” I suggested, but he was having none of it. As soon as Peter Pan was mentioned thats all he wanted to be. As he’s not a fan of dressing up and I could see how excited he was about being Peter Pan for the day, I knew I was going to have to make this happen.

And so, with two days notice and a freshly emptied bank account because the rent had just been paid, I had to think outside the box. We found a pair of brown trousers in his chest of drawers. “What else do we need?” I asked him. “Peter Pan wears a top made from leaves” he replied. Oh dear. I searched for something suitable and eventually found an old green v-neck top of mine in the “eBay” pile and set about making it into a tunic which involved a surprising amount of hacking into it with a pair of scissors. All was made good again and nicely fitting with the help of the sewing machine, and I was very proud of my efforts.

A length of brown rope and his toy sword finished off the look. I made an origami hat using green paper and a red feather but he refused to wear this, a small set back compared to the victory of getting him excited about dressing up.

The morning came and he enjoyed putting it all on and admiring how handsome and very Peter Pan like he looked, despite the absence of leaves in the costume. And off he went to preschool to fight all those pirates (there were lots), read stories and make gingerbread men.

All turned out better than expected. Crisis averted. He refused to have his picture taken though, which is a great shame because he looked just brilliant in it. Im thinking (and hoping) that a dress up box is in order…

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2 Responses to How The Boy Who Would Never Dress Up, Dressed Up

  1. Lindsey says:

    Wow, what a brilliant outfit! I’m really impressed, whilst also secretly panicking about the day I have to try and make a costume for T 😀 x

  2. Julie says:

    Wow, that is brilliant! My eldest was the same for a long time – hated dressing up. Now it’s her favourite activity…

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