An Unexpected Moment of Nostalgia

I lost it two and a half years ago. Today, I found it in an old coat pocket, buried at the bottom of a storage bag, along with a bus ticket.

I changed the battery and pressed play. It picked up where I left off the last time I used it on 8th October 2008, half way through Every Breath You Take. As I stood and listened, I thought of what my life was like, last time it’s music was in my ears.

A strange and beautiful, wonderfully nostalgic moment. A lot can happen in two and a half years.

Does life get more complicated the more of it we live, or do we just choose not to remember the complicated parts?

Music and good memories: two of the best simple pleasures.


For the gallery prompt: Simple Pleasures

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6 Responses to An Unexpected Moment of Nostalgia

  1. I agree music conjures up so many memories for me. I like listening to old songs I used to love when in the car and get annoyed when people try and speak to me! ha ha

  2. Hello. This post really touched me for lots of reasons. Beautiful 🙂
    (… and I think the answers are yes … and yes).

  3. tiddlyompompom says:

    I love it when that happens. Transported to a whole other time and place. I hope it was a happy one 🙂

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