Chicken Pops, Chicken Pocks, Chicken Pox

His friend had chicken pox two weeks ago and on Friday he woke complaining of an itchy back, which was covered in spots. I told him what the spots were called and he seemed confused at first, thinking I was talking about popcorn chicken, which is something entirely different (and a much nicer thing to have). He’s been doing so well not scratching the spots, but does occasionally request to “press a chicken pock because it feels better”. And I, like many mothers, am glad he has caught it now, at a time when it doesnt really affect him too much.

We’ve been having trouble finding a groove these recent weeks. With all that is changing and all that needs doing and thinking about, its difficult to follow a routine. But now, with my little boy off preschool for a while, we are taking a slower, calmer approach to our days. Getting up later, pottering about the house together, having picnic lunches on the lounge floor, popping out for an hour or so to have a kickaround or just a walk, cuddling up together with films and books. Its nice, it reminds me of days gone by when neither of us had other commitments and we just stayed home together for much of the time. Being off school is a nice, a welcome break for the both of us. Taking things slowly is good for us, and lots of rest is in order for my J, wherever we may be.

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3 Responses to Chicken Pops, Chicken Pocks, Chicken Pox

  1. HannaH says:

    cute picture! 🙂

  2. I have never, ever seen a pic like this!
    Great post 🙂

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