On My Kitchen Table

Its been a lazy, pyjama clad Saturday morning here. Lots of aimless pottering about is being done. Our kitchen table is, indeed, often the hub of family activity, so here is a snapshot of our late morning.

My little man whos never much interested in picking up a pen has been writing numbers this morning. He discovered an old Cbeebies magazine and requested some help with the activities.

He’s doing rather well, wouldnt you say? But what is that in the bottom right corner of the photograph? A pen mark on my nice, white and only tablecloth? I really should get cracking on obtaining a wipe clean tablecloth for crafty, messy activities.

Over here, a little something for me. Brunch and a book. Im trying out a high protein, low sugar, low fat diet which seems to be working well, so breakfast this morning is scrambled egg and cottage cheese. Yummy. And the book is the one I write about in my last post. I just cannot put it down.

And what is this? A mess? A pile of rubbish waiting to be recycled? Why, no, it’s bear food of course. Apparently, at preschool on Tuesday, the classroom was full of bears so J, being the good host that he is, got cracking on making some food for them all, out of cut and torn paper. I heard that he had such great fun doing this, and he refuses to get rid of it all in case the bears come to stay. There’s some pirate Backyardigans there too with their treasure chest, which is full of chocolate coins I’m told.

But where is my little boy J?

Whats going on over here?

Its a car wash!

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