The Creative Family – An Inspiration

I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new book which I finally found in the mail yesterday. The Creative Family By Amanda Blake Soule. I have been reading her wonderful blog, SouleMama for so long and have always wanted to buy her books. She has another, Handmade Home which I will buy next and is also working on one which is due out this year. I love love love her blog which she has been writing for 6 years and she is such an inspiration to me, everything she is to her children I want to be to mine. Their childhod reminds me a little of my own and she reminds me a little of my mother, and myself as well. The creativity, the good food, the chickens and animals, the celebrations, the craftiness, the abundance of children, the decoration of her home, its all just so wonderful.

I come from a big family and I would love a big happy family of my own. Im not much of a career girl, Ive always liked the idea of just having enough to get by, but more than enough happiness and love to go around. Of course, I do plan to work and provide for my family, so I am studying and have ambitions for a modest career which will eventually enable me to work from home. But what I truly want to be is a mother.

Amanda’s book is so full of creative ideas and inspiration forsimple, fun activities, day to day living and celebrations. Im only starting to read the third chapter and already I have too many ideas to think about which I want to try. Such a brilliantly written book, but I knew it was going to be, after all I am a little addicted to her blog.

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