Seeds Of Change

Im painting. Im doing a lot of painting. We have been living here close to two years now and the decoration of the house is still an ongoing project. Painting time is scarce with a four year old around, I have a couple of hours some mornings while he is in preschool to get stuck into it, but the majority is being done once he is in bed in the evenings.

The sad thing is, that this house I am painting may not be ours for much longer. Seeds of change have been blowing in the wind for a while. They have finally been planted and now its just a case of waiting to see how long it takes for them to grow. There are a lot of uncertianties and not-quite-knowings and trying to figure things out, but Im hoping it all comes together soon.

So this house which I thought would be our home for much longer is finally being painted. It seems a waste because I wont really get to see the results myself, but its something I still enjoy, decorating. Plus, standard rental property magnolia? Not really a colour choice of mine. The next project is on the horizon somewhere, how distant I’m not quite sure yet. Im not a big fan of change, but I know that this change will be so very worth it. So for now, Im just rolling with it. And painting. Lots of painting.

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