The Long And The Short Of It (Day Zero)

I used to have very long hair. Hair so long, thick and blonde, I heard shouts of “Rapunzel” in the street and when I put it up in a bun, I felt my head may fall off with the weight of it. It was nice having long hair in some ways, but there really wasnt much I could do with it, and it became a bit of a nuisance whan I turned a teenager and started wanting to style it more. So this is how it looked not long after my 14th birthday:

This is the longest it has ever been. I had it cut a few months after this photograph was taken, and since then its grown shorter and shorter with each cutting, but the style has mostly remained the same. One of the things on my Day Zero list I was most looking forward to was getting a new hair style. The shortest it had ever been was shoulder length and so the most adventurous thing to do was to get it cut really short. It was pretty scary, I had never gone for such a drastic change, one which could go wrong if I wasnt careful. There was that point in the middle of the haircut, where it could have gone either way, but I left the hairdressers feeling the best I have ever felt after a haircut, my feeling so light that I had to keep checking my reflection in shop windows to convince myself I had any hair left at all.

Styling became so easy! My hair is very thick and takes ages to blowdry and style but having it so short halved the time I usually would have to spend on it. That was all last September (yes, this post should have been written quite a while ago!) and now it is back to its previous shoulder length. Im not sure what to do with it next, try going blonde again or grow it longer I think. I enjoyed having it short, I enjoyed how easy and simple it was to style, but I think long hair is more “me”. Not to mention that the grass is always greener, and it may well end up that short again sometime. It’s what day zero is about for me, trying new things which I wouldnt have before.

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