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Today, I learned that:
The cornflake was invented by accident.
Breakfast cereal is the number one source of iron for kids.
The Kelloggs cockerel has a name: Cornelius.
Having my face printed on the front of a box of cornflakes makes me feel kinda special, and makes my son giggle.

Mornings are not really my thing, especially in winter. Cold, dark, rushed. I’d like to be the kind of mum who wakes up her kids and brings them downstairs to where a range of breakfast items has been laid out upon the kitchen table. I’ve got a long way to go. Weekday mornings in our house are far from calm and collected. By the time I’ve coaxed myself out of bed, got dressed and located J’s uniform, it’s touch and go as to whether I will be able to wake him in time for everything to be done by the time we have to be out of the door at 8.35. More often than not, something has to slide. Sometimes its putting the wrong shoes on because the right ones can’t be found, sometimes its going out with a dirty face and hair sticking out at all angles, but never does he miss breakfast. As a mum, I know just how important it is for him to start the day the right way, even if on some mornings that means a cereal bar eaten on the walk to preschool.

Today, I attended an event run by Kelloggs for mum bloggers- ‘Snap, Crackle & Blog’. Amongst the various activities such as meeting fellow bloggers (which was just lovely!), chatting to the kelloggs team, creating our own cereals and boxes and tasting cornflakes, we had a discussion with Sara, dietician at Kelloggs. When faced with statistics like: 1 in 6 children does not eat breakfast; children get the majority of their iron from breakfast cereals; there are only 2 spoonfuls of sugar in a bowl of Cocopops compared to the 6 spoonfuls in a small smoothie, I did start to wonder why I put so much pressure on myself to buy the right cereals for my son. I’m one of the mums you might see in the cereal aisle, scrutinising the backs of boxes, looking for a reason not to buy it, whilst my son is pleading with me: “But its got picture of a tiger!” So when I go to the supermarket tomorrow, I wont worry too much about what I buy my son for breakfast, I will worry more about how much hes going to enjoy it, whether he likes it enough to eat as much as he should be in the morning before preschool. I am going to set my alarm 15 minutes earlier and make sure I get us both up on time to make it a more enjoyable, sit down meal every time. Breakfast is important, of course I know that, but taking part in the discussions today has made me realise that its not just important, but the most important part of our morning.

Getting back home from a busy, fun day after a 1 1/2 hour train ride with a tired and very hungry four year old, I relented a little and poured him a bowl of Coco Pops Choc ‘n’ Roll. Learning about the goodness, the fibre, the nutrients and added vitamins and minerals, including that all important iron, which goes into these cereals has opened my eyes. Not being too fanatical about what is or isn’t in his food and just seeing him enjoying it was wonderful. After all, he is a child, and childhood should be as blissful as it can be.

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12 Responses to Starting Right – Snap Crackle & Blog

  1. Nadine Hill says:

    Was great meeting you yesterday! We had such a great time at Kelloggs!! My blog post on it will be out next week!

  2. I have to admit I poured myself a big bowl of those Choc & Roll when I got back. They were yummy! It did transform my way of thinking about breakfast cereal too I have to admit.
    Lovely to meet you both. Hope your cereal is nice!

  3. Sandy Calico says:

    Great to meet you and I’m loving my photo on a cereal box too! x

  4. Very lovely to meet you and your gorgeous little boy, so sweet he and H became buddies. The morning really opened my eyes to the nutritional side of things and we’ve been enjoying choc & roll over at Lancaster Towers too! Cx
    I have linked to your blog and this post over at mine

  5. Kate says:


    I watched a TV programme a couple of years ago featuring that Professor Regan lady. She investigated lots of things related to babies, children etc. One of the things she looked at was breakfast. She looked at all these sugary cereals and reviewed the evidence from a body of work ie a whole load of studies on the subject on breakfasts and children. The conclusion she came to which formed her recommendation was that WHAT a child had for breakfast really didn’t matter; the important thing was that they had breakfast. In other words, anything was better than nothing at all.

    Lovely to meet you last Friday. I had a great time.

    • It does take away a lot of the pressure and worry when we take a step back and think of it in the grand scheme of things. I agree, seeing my son eating a breakfast is more important to me than what it was he ate. Im off to your blog to have a peek now, thanks for popping in, was lovely to meet you on the day!

  6. HannaH says:

    I wanna see your cereal!
    It’s weird to find out from twitter that you’re doing stuff like this :s Tell me things more please! 😛


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