A Tent For My Boy

I remember frequently sitting in trigonometry classes as a teenager and wondering what the point of it was. This Christmas, I discovered a reason for it all: Cutting fabric triangles to create a teepee tent for my boy. There was much measuring and diagram-ing and cutting, throwing, remeasuring and cutting again involved. It was finally finished on christmas eve with much frantic matching and sewing. The final moment, when I draped what seemed like a shapeless mass of fabric onto 5 garden canes, was like a miracle. I couldnt believe I had finally done it and it fit! Its not perfect, its a little patchworky in some places and the door flaps dont close, but I think its just amazing. I remember having one of these, lovingly made from pink floral fabric by my Mum when I was young. I remember setting it up in the garden and hiding away with a book for hours, and I couldnt wait to make one for my son. We left it till last to unwrap on Boxing day and he looked a little bewildered when it emerged but once I set it up he couldnt wait to get into it with a pile of cushions and blankets. He has a treasure chest full of books in there now, too. Im planning on rearranging his bedroom and I will set it up permanently in its own corner. It will last him years and years and he will have hours of fun and playtime in it.

Oh, to be a child again. Magical.

P.S Another tick on the day zero project list 🙂

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One Response to A Tent For My Boy

  1. TheMadHouse says:

    That is a fantastic tent, my boys have one too. I think it is amazing to make things for our children to grow to treasure

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