A New Favourite

I spotted it first. In amongst the toys and books and niknaks at the christmas fair. It stood out, it looked amazing and I couldnt believe it hadnt been snapped up yet. I knew he would spot it, I didnt need to point it out to him. Within seconds he had grabbed it and before I had paid for it, it was already his. Its definately a new favourite, and goes almost everywhere with us.

It hasnt yet been put away in the toybox because its always being played with. He likes to play a game with it called “Let’s see what we can find at the Christmas Fair” where he re-enacts how he first saw it. If you push the pilot’s head down, the propellor spins and he particularly likes that it has a big smile “with lipstick on”. I told him he couldnt take it to school and he was so upset, but it was right where he had left it when he came through the door at lunchtime and his face lit up.

Isnt it just the best aeroplane ever! He loves it, and who wouldnt?

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