The White Stuff


Yes, we finally got some! While the rest of the country has been snowed in, the most we have had so far is a bad case of Jack Frost, but tonight it came down relentless. No sign, no warning. Within half an hour the streets went from grey to white, at least 4 inches of it. So unexpected. The perfect time of day for it too, in the evening when few people are out, an unspoiled blanket of white. That is, until a certian 4 year old discovered it. We stayed out until 9pm, neither of us wanting to leave it because it so rarely happens. Snowball fights, angels, footprints and a snowman with onion eyes and a tennis ball nose (we were very unprepared).

I just love snow. Most people hate it but it fills me with excitement. It happens so rarely that we really should enjoy it more. I dont drive and we live a fairly simple life, so we’re never greatly affected. The trains still run the majority of the time so we can get to some places. We head out the door the same as always, just with boots on instead of shoes. Snow makes everything more interesting, more exciting, more beautiful, covering up the grey with the white, covering up the ugly with innocence and beauty. It makes me smile. Snow turns me into a child. Its so fragile too, snow. Dangerous but fragile. Thats what I love about it most, I think.

Its still falling thick and fast, and Im looking forward to what tomorrow may bring. Ive found my camera in the nick of time, too. We just need to figure out where to get a sledge…

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