“We Miss You A Mummy Christmas”

Im not really a big fan of Christmas because of what it has become. We get so caught up in the buying of presents, the making of food, the opening of presents, the eating of chocolate, the decorating of the house, the parties and the fairs that we forget what it is all supposed to be about. I hate how commercialised it has become and I resist it as much as possible. If I was on my own I would celebrate it a lot less in the way that most people do, but I understand that for children it can be magical so we take part in some of the traditions. When he is a little older, I will explain more to him what it is really all supposed to be about, but for now Im just happy that he’s at least taking part in the Nativity performance at school. I particularly disagree with Santa Claus and I will not try to keep him believing in this for any longer than necessary.

For christmas day, he stays with his Dad, who takes him to see family and he is able to enjoy the whole experience. I have a meal with family, cooked by my boyfriend (he does it best). The day is mainly about loved ones, not material things and although I miss my son very much every chirstmas, I remember that he is having a magical time.

We decorated our little 3ft tree and topped it with a teddy holding a star painted by him with gold glitter. We sat down to write christmas cards to his friends at school and he signed all 30 of them with a J and a kiss. It was such a wonderful few minutes, sitting there with him, writing cards and licking envelopes, me singing “we wish you a merry christmas”, him singing “we miss you a mummy christmas”.

For gifts, I’m making him a wigwam tent and a hobby horse, but have barely started either yet. He wants a scooter he has seen on tv. He asked Father Christmas for it at the school christmas fair, but he’s much too young for it, and I have explained to him that he might get it when he’s a bit older instead. He still keeps asking for it though.

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