Remembering Them

He’s been noticing the advertisement posters of the wounded soldier and asking about them. I wasn’t sure how much to tell him. Although I would like him to know about it all, he is definately too young to understand properly. We bought poppies, a traditional one for me, pinned into my buttonhole, and a sticky one for him. He enjoys putting the money in those charity boxes and liked wearing his poppy. I told him it was to say thankyou to the soldiers and it seemed enough of an explanation for him. As he gets older, I will tell him more, I’d like for him to know the whole story when he is able to understand and be properly thankful.

I didnt take him to the remembrace parade today, again I think he may be too young to take it all in, but we will go together when he is grown, it’s important for him to experience it and know what it all means. Every one of us should give our thanks and support for what men and women have gone through and continue to go through for their country and it’s people.

Lest we forget.

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1 Response to Remembering Them

  1. mumsarcade says:

    My husband works for the Royal British Legion. They have had a bumper take this year but equally, the need is growing all the time with an ageing ex-service population and new victims from wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
    The Legion do educational work and resource packs
    Glad you support and educate too. Well done you!

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