Paper Mache with a Four Year Old

What I have learned:

Paper mache is actually a lot more mess than you will remember it being when you used it as a child.

Its also a lot more difficult to make than you realised, and it tastes disgusting. Dont ask me how I know this.

Its also a lot less exciting than when you were a child. The four year old will lose interest half way through the construction, leaving you to finish.

But the painting is much more fun, for both you and the four year old.

As is the decoration.

And the finished product, though a reminder of the mess and the struggle to finish and that awful taste, is something to be proud of. Because, despite all that, it really was lots of fun.

We still have a lot more leaves (which will be used to make collages) and pine cones (which will be used to make christmas decorations).

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