Autumn Bakeoff

Autumn: it’s all about comfort food. Shepherd’s pie made from scratch, straight out of the oven and onto the table. A huge pot of soup with all sorts thrown in and rustic bread rolls for dipping. Casseroles, pies, seasonal fruit and vegetables, a dinner eaten in front of the fire, a house full of delicious smells. Good, wholesome, home-made food. The perfect time for baking.

English Mum is holding her Great Big Autumn Bakeoff and I used this as the perfect excuse to make something new. As always when baking, I took a look through the cupboards for inspiration, and found a jar of mincemeat from two years ago. Bought to make mince pies but forgotten about, and going out of date before christmas, I had to think of a use for it. I didn’t want to make mince pies, as they are more christmassy and wintery than autumny. So, with a bonfire night theme in mind, I rolled the mincemeat  into sugared rough puff pastry and sliced it to make spirals. Topped with nuts, into the oven and back out again 20 minutes later, lovely and warm and sticky, and I give you: Mincemeat Catherine Wheels!

To go with this, I also made some custard from scratch which was a first or me, but tasted delicious and perfect.

My boy loved the custard, eating a big bowl of it, but declined the catherine wheels as he wasn’t keen on the mincemeat. All for me then? Now that’s what I call comfort food.

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4 Responses to Autumn Bakeoff

  1. TheMadHouse says:

    They look delicious, very clever

  2. English Mum says:

    Wow they look utterly gorgeous. Entered! x

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